Best Italian food products

A diversified, customizable range of traditional Italian food products delivered worldwide

In recent years, Made in Italy has become the expression that best defines high-quality Italian products throughout the world. As if it was an actual brand, Made in Italy is used for all those products that symbolize the excellence of Italian artisanship and manufacturing by featuring the same, distinctive characteristics: labor skills, certification of origin, packaging, technology and so forth. When it comes to the agri-food industry, being made in Italy is all about typical products that boast a high, international reputation.

Since we aim to make healthy ingredients and great food accessible to everybody in the world at the right price, we concentrate more on what customers really want rather than worrying about the details of what everyone thinks they might like. This is how we succeed in making a wide range of goods available to the international market. Their selection is a long and careful process that – besides quality, genuineness and traceability – takes into account active listening of our clients in order to create real value for them.

We compete on the basis of appropriate value which is the result of the perfect combination of price, quality, reliability, safety and on-time delivery of products that truly respect the Italian food tradition. We offer and promote all those products that have the flavors, aromas and colors of the Italian region where they are produced and which are then processed and preserved using the most advanced and innovative technologies to ensure the best farm to fork experience everywhere in the world. For all these reasons, we only deal with products with the best organoleptic characteristics that preserve their natural properties throughout the entire supply chain.

Conscious of the importance of brand image, we serve the needs of our international customers in five major categories

1. Name brand products

2. Generic products

3. Private label products

4. Raw ingredient products

5. House brand La Terra Amata products

As our main focus is to help our clients grow their businesses, we also make available to all of them a dedicated team of designers to help them plan and create an attractive and personalized packaging in line with the real Italian image they need for the products they select.