Sharing is the keyword that best describes the experience of enjoying real Italian food

This is why we always strive to find new ways to make healthy ingredients and great food accessible to everybody in the world at the right price.  In order to do so we constantly scout the myriad of small and medium Italian producers who, despite being unknown to the international public, make excellent, sustainable products. 

Considering how fragmented the Italian food industry still is, characterized by a growing consolidation of smaller companies, our scope is to act as the focal point between international demand and local supply: to this extent, we pride ourselves in establishing long-lasting partnerships with both our clients and suppliers. The end result is a fair sharing between small/medium Italian food producers who are not accustomed to exporting their goods and food enthusiasts all over the world who can enjoy the Italian food culture where and when they want.


Progress to us is not about going faster, but slowing down and listen to each clien

In a saturated market, full of competitors who try to emerge by increasing their offer, we decided to build our competitive advantage by pursuing our clients’ success. We firmly believe that only by building a personal relationship with every single one of them we can actually offer them the bespoke services they need.

Progress to us is not about going faster and deliver a memorable sales pitch, it is about slowing down and listen because each client has a story to tell, an idea to develop, a challenge to share. Matching their specific needs with customized solutions, making their respective missions part of ours is what we do best: we create new, rewarding financial opportunities by empowering them. We partner with all of our clients and work alongside their teams in order to build innovative projects together by streamlining the purchase/shipment process and to deliver long-lasting, valuable results that can enhance their businesses.


Respect, quality and sustainability are just a few of our business values

Our business culture is based on a set of core values – shared throughout the entire organization – that support our vision and shape our work ethic. Respect is the basis of all our activities and we always maintain the highest standards in our dealings with employees, clients and suppliers. Our love for food lead us to have the same attitude towards the products we export: our constant search for quality is conducted with the utmost attention to sustainability and traceability, applying selection criteria that provide a wide variety of excellent foods and products. Since our main goal is to support our clients in reaching their business objectives, we always act with an open minded approach: this helps us identify their needs and be flexible in our offer. The technological research we constantly invest in allows us to be proactive in providing them with innovative solutions.