We built a team of professionals who work everyday for the growth of our clients

Exporting the culture of the Italian way of eating is what led our CEO Vittorio Doria Lamba and a group of international entrepreneurs to found Alifood back in 1997. Our company moved its first steps in Japan then, after a few years of successes there, in 2001 we decided to broaden the scope of our business and approach new markets.

The business expansion went hand in hand with the research and implementation of innovative food preservation technologies and with the development of a fully integrated logistics management system that currently serves twenty-two countries around the world.

Our team has grown over time both in terms of numbers and expertise, welcoming to our Italian headquarters highly-skilled professionals from abroad who can efficiently respond to the needs of their reference markets. Today our organization is structured around three main business units: administration, logistics and commercial, with the latter being in turn split into geographic units.

In order to satisfy our clients’ needs, our daily operations require a close collaboration among all our personnel: this is why we created a friendly work environment where both responsibilities and successes are always shared.