Alifood has always been looking for the best producers in the Italian territory  to put typical traditional products on the foreign market.

Our selection of products on this ecommerce takes advantage of the collaboration of some Italian excellences:


Every company has a history, a genesis whose traces are found in the present.

Tonon story begins in the early 1960s with a van and milk collection jars, when Tarcisio Tonon – back from Australia where he had emigrated like so many young Venetians and Italians after World War II - collected milk from peasants’ stables to deliver it to the Neapolitan dairyman Federico Ammaturo, who came to the north to produce mozzarella for the first pizzerias established in the nearby city of Treviso.

The same dairyman, close to retirement, taught the art of making mozzarella to Tarcisio Tonon before giving him the basement where there were two wooden vats. It was the early 70s. Thus our story began, with the passing on of a trade and the passion for good things, and it developed like a family history, which continues to grow with the children.

After almost fifty years, the basic ingredients are the same: a family atmosphere and a passion for good things. As you don't just live on bread, you also need good mozzarella.


Totem Food is a company that produces, freezes and markets quality Italian cheeses with a strong commitment to research and development of innovations in the dairy sector.

The achievement of our goals comes through combined choices

  • a close link with our roots and traditions
  • respect for the environment
  • careful choice of raw materials
  • partnerships with qualified and certified companies in the sector
  • collaboration with universities and research institutes
  • compliance with all health protection regulations
  • care for our customers


Frescolat has been operating in the piedmont area of ​​the Marca Trevigiana since 1994.

Over time, the family-run company, while maintaining its roots in the area and the passion for the artisan dairy tradition, has implemented an internal transformation while maintaining a constant look towards the future.

Frescolat produces a wide range of fresh cheeses, in particular stracchino and ricotta, which are the flagship of the company's production, and other products of the local dairy tradition.

Among its pillars:

  • Screening: Frescolat has an internal microbiology laboratory and a physical chemistry laboratory where accurate control analyzes are carried out every day both for the milk arriving from the reference stables and for the cheeses produced.
  • Traceability: Each step of the production chain is tracked and documented so that when a consumer buys a Frescolat product he is able to guarantee complete traceability of the entire chain. From the farm to the final consumer
  • Certifications: Frescolat works according to the highest safety standards and is in possession of the necessary certifications in the food sector.
  • Sustainability: Frescolat uses a photovoltaic system, apply the containment of used whey, water recovery systems and the use of sustainable packaging

RADICCI - Caseificio Pugliese

Unity makes goodness

Caseificio Pugliese journey starts in Puglia and arrives in Piedmont: it is the journey of a family that has brought with it all the “know-how” handed down from generation to generation by our Apulian master cheese-makers. Caseificio Pugliese baggage contains the secret of the real Apulian Burrata as well as the Fior di Latte mozzarella, of their genuine and unmistakable goodness.

The taste of true dairy tradition: Casa Radicci

From this journey, the encounter with the purity of tasty Piedmontese milk gives rise to the indissoluble union between two Italian excellences. The Radicci union is based on the sharing of traditional values and love for their roots. This, together with the ability to create new ties with the territory and to unite people around common goals, is what has made Casa Radicci a cohesive reality that brings together different histories, experiences and traditions.